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The ideal solution to surf the Internet while traveling.
MIFIPRO is not like the other MIFIs.
If you travel, it is the most economical and powerful way to surf the internet with up to 10 devices.

Pick up your Mifipro in Seville, enjoy portable wifi and return it anywhere in Spain.

The best market rates.

Up to 10 devices can simultaneously share the megabytes of the Mifipro device.

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And the most NOVELTY, UNIQUE AND DISRUPTIVE: if you run out of Mega in your Mifipro you can reload it from our APP Mifipro

This rate is valid for the use of the device throughout the Euro1 zone:

Albania / Germany / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Czech Republic / Cyprus / Croatia / Denmark / Slovakia / Slovenia / Estonia / Finland / France / Gibraltar / Greece / Guadeloupe / Guernsey / French Guiana / The Netherlands / Hungary / Ireland / Isle of Man / Island Mayotte / Iceland / Italy / Jersey / Reunion / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Martinique / Monaco / Norway / Poland / Portugal / United Kingdom / Romania / San Marino / Switzerland / Sweden / Turkey / Vatican

What is MIFIPRO?

MIFIPRO is portable wifi.

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Wi-Fi 4G data coverage

With MIFIPRO you will have Wi-Fi coverage for up to 10 connected devices simultaneously.

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Learn to get the most out of MIFIPRO.

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